Monday, May 10, 2010

Kathryn's 5 Things

Kathryn is a friend of mine and an interior designer from NYC who currently resides in SLC.

She is super cute and it is completely natural that you would want to be her friend.

You can read her awesome Design Lines guest blogger post here.

Here are Kathryn's 5 things..

1. I want to see the Northern Lights
2. I want to learn to fly fish, play the violin, bake the perfect cookies, cakes and pies, to do the rubix cube and know intimate details about the history of the United States. And the world.
3. I want to be great at gift giving, always remember peoples birthdays, and always send thank you cards. I want to be so good at it that I am known for it.
4. I want to own a store with my bestie, one that sells furniture, accessories, and paper goods. and I want my other bestie to have a bakery next door.
5. I want to live on a ranch somewhere in the West, with horses and chickens and dogs, and I want to wander around my ranch in green wellies and sing in the morning when the sun comes up.

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