Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend in Santa Barbara

IKF and I had plans to spend this weekend in Las Vegas with some friends, however, when our friends got sick we were left with a wide open weekend and no plans - Hence, Santa Barbara! It's nice to have family that live in beautiful places.

Saturday morning we woke up to a beauitful foggy day and I practicallly bounced IKF out of the house and downtown to the Farmers Market. Which is heaven.

We got bread, cheese, pluots, figs, black berries and the most delicious white raspberries. After a few laps around the market enjoying the fresh smells and hippy parade, we took our fresh finds down to the beach and ate them on the sand. It was basically a perfect morning.

Later on we checked out the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, which is currently featuring an exhibit on Contemporary Korean Photography.

After a visit to the turtles in the pond on State Street, we grabbed delicious burritos at the Sandbar.

After some afternoon downtown time, (read - movies, nap, games) we ventured out for a stroll down State Street and ended up enjoy delicious Indian Food at Spice Avenue.

With very full and very hapy tummies we went back to the house and I introduced IKF to one of my favorite all time movies: The Interpreter. Brilliant acting, spot on writing, engaging plot line, intriguing mystery. Sooo good.

Sunday featured lunch with the family clan and a leisurely drive home accompanied by Harry Potter Book 4 on CD.

How was your weekend friends?


  1. I am so jealous!! That weekend sounds like so much fun!!!