Monday, September 20, 2010

Candy Cookie Cups

Say that three times fast.

Bless The Pioneer Woman for her fantastic ideas. Particularly this one, which I tried this weekend, and which had my Sunday School class begging for more...

Candy Cookie Cups

Refrigerator Cookie Dough
Miniature Chocolate Candies

Slice the cookie dough into 1 to 1 ½ inch slices. Lay the slices on their side and cut them into quarters. Place each quarter into a greased mini-muffin tin. Peel the wrapper from as many pieces of candy as cookies you’re going to make. (Don’t be afraid to try different combinations of candies and dough.)

Bake the cookie dough in a 350-degree oven for just a few minutes, about 6 to 8 at the most. You’ll want to take them out just when they start to turn golden.

Almost as soon as you pull the warm cookies from the oven, begin lightly pressing one piece of candy into each cookie. The warmer the cookies, the better. They’ll grab onto the pieces of candy and work their magic, making the candy nice and soft and melty. And ridiculous.

When they’re all done, carefully remove from muffin tins with a spoon and arrange on a nice decorative platter. So easy, so fast, so tasty.

NOTE: The BEST combination is peanut butter cups in peanut butter cookie dough. My store didn't have the premade peanut butter dough, so I whipped up a standard peanut butter cookie recipe out of Better Homes and Gardens and dropped spoonfuls of that into the mini muffin pan.

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