Monday, September 13, 2010

Hungry by Crystal Renn

So, I'm kind of into memoirs.  Since college, at least, I've taken to collecting the stories of people who I find inspiring or interesting in one way or another. But honestly, it was the photography on the cover of this book that made me grab it.

Some of the rhetoric I've heard before - Be yourself! Love your body! - but still an interesting read. Crystal shares a lot of healthy philosophies and positive perspectives, plus she give some insider commentary on the fashion world which holds a great deal of mystery and alure. I do agree with the sentiment that we have become starved for authenticity. This just out: Real is the new black.

Who should read this book?: Women looking for a little solidarity when it comes to being healthy. Women who want an inside look at the world of high fashion.

Who should not read this book?: Men.

More shots of Crystal, because I've really come to admire her work...

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