Thursday, January 28, 2010

Phenom Fashion Blogger

Ok, so I've mentioned Tavi, the 13-year old phenom fashion blogger before... But can we go back to that for just a second?

Forget her age and her truly awesome and artful talent for fashion, and let's talk about the fact that she is a flippin' fabulous writer. I mean, I read her blog and I'm JEALOUS. She's well spoken, witty, funny, sassy, biting and accurate. Her arguments even flow in a completely logical format. Not to mention that she expresses an unbelievable strong sense of self. Which I guess she would have to have if she's going to wear dinosaur eye glasses and socks with high heels...

I'm just saying most people have to go to school for years and be taught how to write that well.

So I just wanted to give a nod to the girl with talent and style. I think her success is fair - she's a compelling person. A total original.

Blog on Tavi, blog on.

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