Friday, January 6, 2012

Small and Simple

I've been mulling over my personal philosophies on food lately.

It started with this whole cheese snobbery thing... Husband and I decided to educate ourselves about cheese and the more we learned the easier it became to discern and appreciate quality and artistry in food making... And the less tolerant we became of cheap tactics and shoddy workmanship.

We also realized quickly that well made food was something to sit and savor, rather than gulp down in three bites at a stop light on the way to work. (Guilty.) As we tried to create opportunities to sit and savor and enjoy our new hobby as cheese enthusiasts, we also realized that when it comes to quality food, a little goes a long way.

High quality food can be expensive and the time to sit and savor is hard to come by. There is a part of me that would like to more thoroughly dedicate my time to seeking out, preparing and enjoying the art of great food. There is also a part of me that finds such a pursuit utterly impractical, grabs a cliff bar and a diet dr pepper and walks out the door with keys in hand.

Can you imagine though? Growing your own basil and tomatoes, buying fantastic, fresh mozzarella from your local cheese market, and assembling the perfectly proportioned, completely satisfying, epicurean experience like the one pictured above?

Where can I go to live this dream? I need a ranch house in a rural-ish area with access to charming local markets.

I've got it: We're going to Napa.

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