Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Modern (Non)Marriage Phenomenon

Have you noticed that our generation is totally messing with traditional marriage? And not just marriage but adulthood. 

This concern is being voiced everywhere I turn...

Wall Street Journal: "Where have the good men gone?"
The Atlantic: "All the single ladies"
The Atlantic: "The End of Men"
The New York Times: "What is it with all the 20-somethings?"
The Washington Post: "Do you need a new marriage?"
The Washington Post: "How's your friendship with your spouse?"
And my favorite:
The Washington Post:  "Why men need marriage"

There was also a very good article on a similar topic in the Los Angeles Times about a year ago, but I initially read it in print and couldn't find a link to it. If you know where to find it please leave the link in the comments section.

I'm worried that we are loosing something of incalculable value, and that once it is gone we won't be able to get it back. I don't know what else to do to fight the rising tide, so I'm just voicing the thought here and sending it out into the aether.

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