Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Avalon Bay...

We had such a fun trip to Catalina last week with my family. If you ever go, I recommend the following:

1) Wear lots of warm clothes. Layer it up people. Layer.
2) El Galleon is right on the boardwalk. They have super yummy pub food. Skip the entres and just order every appetizer on the menu and go at it tapas style.
3) Golf cart tour. This is most fun if you have more than one golf cart and there is a disagreement about who should be leading the expedition. Also, if you follow the road out past the casino and go up the canyon, keep your eyes open for the largest herd of wild cats known to man.
4) On the crossing back, watch for dolphins surfing your wake in the sunset. It's magical.
5) Chocolate sandwhich cookies and doritos are appropriate boat food, pack accordingly.
6) Once you are back on the main land, you'll be needing some fresh tortillas and chicken enchiladas. Go to El Torito Grill at Fashion Island.

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