Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Joseph's 5 things

"1)      To Fall In Love With Someone Who Loves Me Just As Much As I Love Her.
2)      Solve One Worldwide Problem, However Big Or Small.
3)      Write A Widely Published Work of Fiction.
4)      Prove To The World That You Can Indeed Buy Happiness.
5)      To Live To Have The Opportunity To Make A Difference In My Grandchildren’s Lives."

If anyone can do those, it's Joseph.



Joseph is the one who taught me my favorite mantra... 

Go big or go home. 

He is larger than life. An endless supply of fun, fascinating and sometimes infuriating contradictions. He sort of defies description. I hope you get to meet him someday.

Do you know anyone who seems to defy the boundaries that everyone else follows? Not out of rebellion, but out of sheer determination and charisma?

I like to color inside the lines too much to be THAT person, but I sure admire people who can pull it off. 

This is one of the reasons that I love IKF... When I remind him that we should color inside the lines, he says, "What lines?"

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