Monday, March 22, 2010

Engagement Picture Preview

We took engagment pictures on Saturday. And I still can't believe how stressful it was to get ready for them! Week before, pouring over photographer's websites, looking through engagement galleries, trying to find good colors combinations, the right outfits, the right location...

Thankfully the stress stopped the second we arrived at the library for pictures. The weather was GORGEOUS, the locations was PERFECT, and I have fun with IKF no matter what we're doing. It turned out to be great afternoon.

*Can we pause for just a second to talk about how much I love my photographer for the wedding? Her name is Stacey Bishop. She is the best kept secret in Southern California. Seriously. Check out her website and her blog.

And if you visit the blog, you'll also be able to see a preview of our engagement pictures.

(Like this one...)

(And this one...)

(Ok, this one too...)


  1. I LOVE THESE!!!!!!!!!!! Glad she's in SoCal so one day, if I manage to get hitched in San Diego, I can consider using her as well. Hey, look at me, I'm dreaming without getting nauseous or cynical! Progress! ;)