Friday, May 9, 2014

Two Ingredient Sandwiches

There's nothing like pregnancy to absolutely demolish my desire to cook. So it's been a lot of microwave burritos and protein shakes around here since we've been expecting baby girl. Aaaand if I'm being completely honest, my favorite delivery places have been getting more attention too. Baby girl likes Thai food, what can I say?

Plus, it's California, and it's hot. Yet another reason to avoid both the oven and the stove.

However, via the big beautiful blog-o-sphere, I discovered THIS amazing list of super-tasty two ingredient sandwiches! My preggo cravings' interest has been piqued. I'm especially excited about the gouda and almond butter, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough to go all French with the salted butter and raw radish.

Not included on that list, but one of my personal favorites is brie and apricot jam. This is especially good when grilled panini-style between little baguette slices and served as appetizers.

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