Friday, May 9, 2014

On having a girl

It's a girl... This little lump protruding from my lower abdomen that makes me feel like I'm sleeping on a baked potato.

A girl? But I only have boys. Well, I only have one boy. But that's all I know. And I was mentally prepared committed to having another one. I could see it... My two little blond gentleman-rascals, 21 months apart, simultaneously roughing and charming their way through childhood - preferably wearing bow ties.

But it's a girl. Suddenly I'm now picturing my son and daughter with disparate interest amid constant bickering.... I know, I know... Boys fight too. It doesn't make sense... Did I mention I'm pregnant? Not a lot of logic going around these days.

So I went shopping. I thought maybe if I started collecting a few baby girl things that I'd start to feel ready for a baby girl. It was slow going at first - most things looked super-cheesy to me. Cartoony characters, declarations of being somebody's princess, a zebra stripes were not easing my discomfort.

But then I saw the most beautiful dress. It was white eyelet lace with bright blue embroidery around the edges. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at it while my toddler threw cheese-its all over the store. All of a sudden I could see my daughter wearing that dress - all blond hair and giggles and white cotton. My Daughter.

And then she became real and she became mine and I could see her and Milo together, having adventures and discovering the world... with a side of mild squabbling of course. My Kids.

So now she's not just a girl, but our girl.

And she's got some really cute dresses waiting for her.

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