Thursday, December 19, 2013

Horrible, awful, no-good, very-bad week

In the last five days, my baby got the flu, one of my tenants flooded their apartment, my husband has been taking his finals for his first semester of law school (ie he's been mostly gone/stressed), I had to miss the Christmas Concert that I've been rehearsing for for 6 weeks, I got the flu and spent two days on the bathroom floor, another tenant flooded their apartment, my baby burned himself on his neck and ear and cheek and had to be rushed to medical help (and my heart broke into a million pieces), another tenant showed up at my door demanding to be let out of their lease and have their deposit and rent refunded immediately because she saw a cockroach, and now my husband has the flu and I just spent half an hour trying to change burn bandages on an 11 month old.

Now, I'm not saying my life is awful. I'm just saying its been one hell of a week.

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  1. I'm sorry. Hope everyone is feeling better, and that your sweet little man has a happy Christmas.