Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting The Summit Group

Some of you may recall my previous post about a branding/marketing/PR firm called The Summit Group, and how if I ever found myself living within 100 miles of Salt Lake City I would show up on their doorstep with cookies and beg for a job.

Well, I did.

Kind of.

What actually happened is that I moved to Orem, which is 40 miles away, and was crushed to discover that construction along that exact 40 miles of freeway would seriously inhibit my ability to work in Salt Lake. So in favor of practicality and not giving over my entire paycheck to gas, I had begrudgingly resigned myself to working elsewhere.

And then it happened.

The DAY AFTER I moved within that predestined 100 mile radius, I got a comment on my original blog post about The Summit Group from a member of The Summit Group. He said that he had shared my blog post around the office and that I should stop by the next time I was in Utah.

Well as it just so happens, I am in Utah. But I don't believe in showing up unannounced, so I emailed instead.

The next day I got a response from Sharon, their COO, and was invited to meet with her and to see the TSG offices. I immediately started making cookies.

I showed up at the TSG offices in Salt Lake on Tuesday afternoon with cookies in hand. I spent a delightful hour chatting with Sharon, getting a tour of the office, and meeting some of the TSG team.

Everyone I passed asked if I was the Cookie Girl. I was. And it was awesome.

They don't have any positions open right now, and I still have a commute problem, but I admire their company as much as ever and I'm so thrilled to have met them.

Plus its just a great story. Don't you agree?

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  1. I do agree! Marketing yourself like that gets you places. Good luck in your job search....

    PS We miss you guys!