Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Capes and Crowns

This is the first Christmas of my life that I have had nieces and nephews. This is also the first year that I have had a sewing machine, a talented sister in law and a modicum of crafty ability.

Thus, said sister-in-law and I made capes and crowns for the nieces and nephews, thereby securing our places as favorites for all time.

For the crowns we cut out a stiff fabric facing, ironed it onto grey felt, hot glued little sparkly gems all over and then glued in some wide elastic across the back. Voila!

For the capes we took two left over rectangles of red fabric, cut them to cape shape, sewed up the seems, added some elastic around the neck and painted lighting bolts in gold fabric paint.

Aunt of the YEAR!

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