Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Boys Room

Remember this great vintage bedroom for three little boys? Here is a more modern version of a great room that makes clever usage of space along with gorgeous styling for three little boys.

Am I jinxing myself by always talking about a peck of man-children? I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Girls I can handle, boys would turn my parenting-know-how (what little tiny bit there may be) right on its head. Of course that means I'll be having boys. Because life is about learning new things and experience new challenges.... right?


  1. Actually boys are MUCH easier than girls and way less bratty so if you do end up with a whole slew or a couple before you get a girl you may be surprised to find that you prefer it... Maybe. You could have these cool beds for girls too though! Maybe put that princess netting stuff over the tops. :)

  2. I love em both! Every child is different and comes with their own sets of challenges and an individual personality. It will be a roller coaster ride no matter what you get, but you will be so happy with whoever you end up with!