Friday, November 5, 2010

Black and White Chairs

I have a problem with black and white. And stripes. So I'm sure you can see why these chair would be a BIG problem...

I just looooove them.

So, a question for all moms out there: Is there any way I could get away with having any sort of white furniture when I have children? Or is that just setting myself up for catastrophic failure?


  1. Absolutely never even attempt it. You'll be devastated with the first spit-up/blow out diaper/pb&j sandwich disaster/muddy footprints/snotty nose rub down. Just devastated.

  2. Grandma Sewell has a white couch. When they lived in Diamond Bar, she had it in a room that the kids were never allowed to go in. I always felt like if I looked at it, I would get in trouble.... but it stayed nice and clean!!
    I wonder though.... you know how they have that new carpet that you can wipe stains off with water? Maybe they have a similar thing in a fabric for furniture?

  3. I would reserve white for something really washable, like a slipcover! If you have a room that is reserved for grownups only, go for it. But practically speaking, you may just put that dream off until your kids are nearly out of the house Or get that clear plastic and cover all your white furniture with that! Lovely look!