Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The funniest thing happened the other day. Someone apologized to me for reading my blog.


Yeah, aparently they found my blog through facebook, or through a link that a friend had sent them, and they wanted to know if it was ok if they read my blog, even thought I hadn't invited them to.

The answer is, by all means, OF COURSE.

I have this blog because it makes me happy. It lacks focus, it lacks a unifying theme, and I am not a creative genius sharing my brilliant ideas; but its purpose is for me to share anything that I stumble across that I find facinating, inspiring, funny or just plain happy.

And the truth is, the more followers I have, the happier it makes me! Because THAT means that more people are also laughing, being inspiried and getting happy along with me.

So please, even if I've never met you, welcome! Share the posts, share the love, invite your friends to check it out, officially declare yourself a follower and I hope the things that make me happy will make you happy to.

Oh, and if you find something that you think I should post, by all means, send it my way: sarahawsfrost@gmail.com

Love and happy blogging to you all.


  1. hahaha, i've pretty much told everyone i know about your blog. all the amazing things you find and we all get to know about it! still one of my favorites, is the clients from hell blog. love that too. seriously... where do you find all these?

  2. 來看你了~心在、愛在、牽掛在,幸福才會繁衍不息^^..................................................

  3. Ok, ok. I'll admit, you're in my google reader. And you looked amazing on your wedding day. Congrats! I'm so thrilled for you two!

    Rachel Whitmore (Fiet)