Friday, February 26, 2010


Apparently there is a new holiday called Febgiving.

Here are the simple truths that led to the instigation of Febgiving:

1) February is a terrible month. We need all the love and support we can get just to make it through this godforsaken ice-strewn desert of pain. (This is the sentiment that led to the creation of Italifornia. It's not so much a problem in California, where it was 70 degrees and sunny today, but I sympathize...)

2) Valentine’s Day is a terrible holiday. Couples face artificial pressure to buy things and act “romantic.” Single people are scorned and mocked. Its only real competition for worst holiday of the year is Tax Day. (I second this sentiment... My solution: Don't celebrate Valentines at all. Done.)

3) Thanksgiving Food is delicious. Why should we only eat turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie (etc.) only once a year? (Amen.)

4) Friends are fantastic. (Amen twice.)

Next year, we will celebrate Febgiving.

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