Monday, October 24, 2011

Honey Badger

For Husband.

Have you seen the incredibly famous Honey Badger YouTube video? Ever since we saw it I have taken to calling Husband "Honey Badger." He does not necessarily appreciate this.

(**WARNING** Video contains some not very nice language, do not play if it will bother you, or if preschool toys are present.)

I still have siblings in high school, that's my excuse. What's yours?


  1. This is like Brian Fellows with a potty mouth. Lizzie showed us Brian Fellows (Safari Planet) on the trip, right?

  2. Ha, I remember Lizzie quoting all kinds of stuff. In fact, when we got back and I finally saw a Brian Fellows skit I was impressed at the accuracy of her impressions.

    To this day I can't watch Brian Regan without thinking of her.