Thursday, October 27, 2011

Classy Clutch

Ok, next on the Christmas list:

THIS beautiful, classy, leather, hand-made clutch. (Handmade leather for $64!? Awesome.)

I have this bad habit of carry around gigantic purses, because, what if I need a brush, a notebook, a novel, a wallet, a check book, advil, 15 pens, 6 lip glosses, a pocket knife, a leatherman, vitamins, scissors, face powder, business cards, thank you notes, an ipod, a digital camera, an iphone, two pairs of sunglasses, a fork and a scarf... ALL in the SAME DAY. And what if I didn't HAVE one on hand?!

I would be...

I can't even say it...


Heaven forbid.

This may be the beautiful little purse that I need to cure me of my purse-hoarder tendencies.

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