Thursday, August 4, 2011

Good News

Hi friends and family!

Thanks for the calls, comments, emails, prayers and good vibes.

As you may have noticed, July was not my favorite. I tried not to let my bummer-attitude leak into the blog, but it may have snuck in anyway. Bummer attitudes are sneaky like that.

August, however, already has July beat, and its only the 4th.

First good news: I got a job! I got a phone call last Friday, which set up a dinner meeting/interview for Monday, by the end of the interview I had a job offer, we shook on it, and I started Tuesday. Just like that.

Second good news: Mom is starting to recover and feel better. I didn't mean to be all dramatic and cryptic before... So let me be a little more straightforward this time: Mom broke her arm really bad - like, completely broke through the big bone in her upper left arm and fractured the shoulder joint and had to have surgery and thet put pins in her arm and she could barely move. She has lots of people around her to take good care of her, the surgery went as well as it could have and she is starting to feel a lot better. I still wish I could be there to take care of her, but I'm grateful that she is recovering and that she is surrounded by so much help and love.

Third good news: I made friends! I am reconnecting with old friends, meeting some new ones, and in just a few days time I went from having nobody to hang out with to having lunch plans and craft buddies and shopping partners. I couldn't be more grateful and happy.

So thanks for the love my dear and darling friends. Thank you so very much.

Things are definitely looking up.

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