Monday, July 25, 2011

Can we break it down for just a second?

So here's how it is:

Today I found out that the job I really wanted was offered to someone else. Because I'm over qualified.

I have now been unemployed for over a month. Huh? HOW did this HAPPEN?

My mother is 1,000 miles away going through a very difficult and painful experience and I can't be there to help her. This kills me.

I am in a new place, missing my family, missing my friends and desperately trying to find where and how I belong in this foreign environment.

So tonight I'm making PW's Cinnamon Bread and Ina Garten's Cinnamon Honey Butter.



  1. It can be so hard to be so far from your family. Hang in there! I am so sorry about the job thing. I hope things turn around soon. Until then, the food sounds delish :)

  2. I am so sorry you are are in Provo right? I have a very dear friend there who is married and found the experience and job search very similar. I would love for you both to meet. Let me know if you'd be up for it. I miss you dearly and so does nyc.