Monday, August 1, 2011

Gold Spray Paint is a good idea

Last week I finally took the plunge down the rabbit hole of "Do It Yourself" home decor projects and decided to spray paint every suface in my bedroom gold. Well, not every surface, but at least the lamp and the end table.

And I loooove the result.

AND I only got scolded once by a grouchy neighbor who was driving by and decided to throw a little fit over the fact that I was spray painting. SPRAY PAINTING! 300 yards from the nearest building! On a drop cloth! With no wind blowing! What if I had gotten gold paint on something across the parking lot?! Spray paint travels on the wind you know.

How dare I.

Now, I may be excellent at spray painting, but my photography skills are still in need of some assistance. Nevertheless, what is a little DIY without the pictures to prove it?

If a craft project happens, but nobody blogs about it, did it really happen?

These are the philisophical questions that keep me up at night.

With no further gilding the lilly and with no more ado, I give you, the golden lamp:

And the golden table top:

I forgot to take "before" pictures. I can't believe they still let me blog.

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  1. Sara, these new items look great! What color was the lamp before? And the neighbor was just jealous because they dont have the courage to try something new. So they complained about the fear of nothing (from the sounds of it).