Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boston Puppy

After a long... discussion... Regarding the appropriate size and breed for a pet, Husband and I have finally compromised on the perfect pet for our little family of two. We are now on the waiting list for a Boston Terrier puppy!

(It will take between 6 months and a year for us to get the puppy. Its a long list. Or so I'm told.)

Look at that face. So excited!

If we get a boy puppy his name will be Jackson. This is because we love the name Jackson, but when your last name is Frost, you don't get to name your kid Jack. 'Cause that's just mean.

If we get a girl puppy I'm lobbying for the name Miss Bennett. We'll see how well that goes over...


  1. you know, there are probably adorable Boston terriers in rescues and shelters. Just sayin. Purebred puppies have the same genetic issues as purebred humans.

  2. Or instead of naming her Miss Bennett, you could name your first born son Bennett. Just like I did. Because Jane Austen is just that amazing.