Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekends, Corn Dogs, and another reason I love my husband

My husband should be sainted for putting up with some of my hair brained schemes. Like last week when I wanted to throw a make-your-own-corn-dog party for my Sunday School class and he spent the week listening to my recipe ideas for everything from onion rings to deep fried snickers bars and then spent his Friday afternoon peeling potatoes for homemade french fries.

And then when I found out I had inadvertently planned this party for the same night as the other high school's Homecoming football game, and most (actually ALL) of the class wouldn't make it, he rallied his forces and managed to have 9 of our friends and family there half an hour later to help us eat the truck load of food that we had made and have our own little party playing Catch Phrase, Blockus Trigon and Ticket to Ride.

And instead of giving me grief for all of my extravagant and pointless planning, he just helped me do dishes. Lots and lots of really greasy dishes. See what I mean about the sainting? If Mormon's had saints, I would nominate my husband.

So here is what I learned this weekend:

1. Three onions make A LOT of onion rings.
2. Ikea does sell extra shelves for my bookshelf. Hallelujah.
3. If you are throwing a party for teenagers and expect them to show up, be sure to tell their mom's about it.
4. My in-laws will drop everything and come over for an insta-party if you use the words food and games. They are my kind of people.

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  1. WOW!! You have an awesome husband for helping you out like he did. And I too would have planned something not knowing that there was some school activity going on. It is nice to know that you are close enough to have family drop by fast enough to have a family night at your place.