Wednesday, October 20, 2010


You know, they did warn me. And I listened. They told me it was like crack on a screen and I took them seriously.

I watched Alias, I watched Bones, I watched House. But I stayed far, far away from 24.

Until now.

Oh Jack Bauer, why? WHY? How can you be so facinating? How can so much be happening in one short day? How are you still awake? Why haven't you eaten? Are you in desperate need of a shower? I am 12 episodes in to your gripping government-agent-goes-solo-against-an-evil-terrorist-plot drama and these are the questions that are beginning to plague me.

And Jack, can you explain to me what is UP with your daughter? Girl has some issues. Big ones, you should look into that. And if she ends up with Rick (who should already be dead, btw) I will poke somebody in the eye.

... Says the girl on the couch who can't look away from your addiction-inducing show. (At least I was able to multi-task while I did dishes and then baked and pureed and entire pumpkin. THAT was a sticky fingered adventure... but with pleasing results.)

Maybe I should go back on Alias to ween myself off of 24.... Before I find out how to get my hands on Season 2.

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