Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend at the Drive In

To further celebrate IKF's birthday, on Friday we went to the Drive In movie theater he's been wanting to go to for months. Between our friends and family we had 7 cars and 15 people. So fun.

I think that I will always see movies this way in the future.

The Van Buren Drive In has the best carne asada burritos I can ever remember experiencing. It's a much more laid back atmosphere than a regular theatre, you can talk and laugh all you want without fear of bothering anyone. You can bring treats without having to sneek them in.

The movie we saw was The Other Guys. I had mixed feelings about it. There were some hilarious moments, like the explosion, made funnier by this clip of course. But several of the jokes took a turn for the dirty humor, which may have bothered me less if my parents and in laws hadn't been there... sorry about that.  

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  1. HATE it when the 'rents are there for off-color movie jokes!

    My grandma took my brother and me to "Liar Liar" when we were younger. The jokes made us soooo uncomfortable just 'cuz grandma was there. We shouldn't have worried though, she was crying she was laughing so hard! Love you grandma!