Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby Girl Wish List

When I'm not working or trying to keep Milo from writing on the walls (I mostly fail at this) I find myself daydreaming about baby products... Mostly it's stuff I've discovered since he was born and wished I had, or stuff that I think will help with the transition to two.

When it comes to mom-products, I'm all about crowd-sourcing so if you have had experience with something on this list that you loved or hated, or if you know of something amazing that I've missed, prettiest-of-pleases tell me.

1) Solly Baby Wrap - A friend of a friend here in San Diego is the creator of these amazing things and they just look so soft and comfy! I love my Ergo for tromping around town and working and especially as baby gets older its nice to have something hardy that can handle the weight of a toddler. But for those first few newborn months of super soft squishy babyness, doesn't this look dreamy? Plus, it will keep baby girl out of reach of pokey little toddler fingesr while also keeping my hands free to remove sticky-ness from said toddler fingers. Coral or Grey Stripe? Although at a price tag of $65, this would be a personal splurge.

2) B.O.B. double stroller - Maybe its because I live near La Jolla, but these uber-expensive joggers are everywhere. Everyone I know seems to have them. At Stroller Strides last week, I kid you not: 90% B.O.B. duallies. I caught the bug, they are super cool, but at a heart stopping  retail price-tag of $709, we may have to go with something more pedestrian, like a Baby Trend. Unless Santa wants to give me a Craigslist miracle.

3) Bumbo - The ubiquitous plastic baby bumper seat. I didn't have one with Milo, and  wished that I did almost daily. Why didn't I just go get one? Because I thought its usefulness would be short lived. I think I under estimated to awesomeness of anything that helps keep your baby upright. Babies love to sit up and they burp better that way. It's the little things. Odds are high that I'll be able to snag one of these off someone who is done having kids and feels like making room in their storage space. Right? Maybe? Please? In aqua.

4) Carseat Canopy - I have a very blue, very masculine one already, but practical or not, I want a girly one for baby girl. Grey chevron? Lilac? I would take neon pink if they had any this season. But good-heavens no fuchsia. NEVER fuchsia.

What am I missing? Educate me. I'm listening.

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  1. I was super minimalistic when it came to baby gear. There is so much out there, but in reality you need very little of it. I did have a bumbo with my third ( my mom picked one up at a yard sale!) and we rarely used it. I didn't even keep it around for my fourth. The stroller is gorgeous! I say go for it. Especially if you are planning on having more kids. You will still want it next time. We went with a cheaper stroller and it was totally functional, but completely destroyed and shameful to be seen with by the fourth kid. Good luck!