Thursday, October 17, 2013

If this is a blog about blogging has this blog been incepted?

I miss blogging. I still don't really have time for it (MY CHILD NEVER NAPS) but I wish I did. On the rare occasion that he does nap I find myself trying to do my actual job -  the one that lets me live rent free in a beach community in San Diego, the one that is supporting my family through my husband's education, the one that allows me to work and stay home full time with my child - THAT job. It comes first.

*le sigh*

And for me, blogging isn't a job anyway. It's just a fun thing. Sometimes a therapeutic thing. Something that keeps me from checking facebook 67 times a day just so that I can feel like have contact with the outside world.

It's that the funny thing about being a stay at home mom? You don't get bored, but you do feel isolated? I wonder if it goes away when your kids get older? TIME will tell and time alone.

But back to blogging. I read other blogs sometimes, and I think - THIS is why I have a hobby-blog and not a job-blog - because I am not specialized. I have no special skill like decorating or fashion or fitness or food or design or photography or crafting or sewing or budgeting. I am a generalist, I have always been a generalist. And who wants to read a blog about "general" things?

I guess Joanna is an "everything" kind of blogger, but... she's JOANNA... She practically INVENTED blogging... Plus she lives in New York City! When I lived in the City, my life was blog-worthy-ish too! I am not Joanna.

But I really like blogging! The discovery and sharing of cool things and new ideas is really fun and inspiring and makes me feel like my new mini-van and ponytail lifestyle isn't a complete white wash.

I have skills (don't I?), I have personality (sometimes!), I have something to share (I think). But WHAT? What is my unique-me-thing? Everything that I do, someone else seems to do better, blog about it, and with cuter pictures.

Is this current state of affairs your concern? Nope. Are you going to provide some piercing insight that will be the answer to this on-going question? Probably not. Do I feel better having written this? Yes. Yes I do.

And that's why I'm still here... Sometimes... When the kid naps... and my other work is done.

Yeah, you're right. I don't have time for this.

ps. Are inception jokes still funny? 'Cause I still laugh at them.

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  1. I actually love the blogging community! I get so many ideas and great inspiration from other blogs. I think there will always be people who are better at everything, but that doesn't mean we need to feel less. We all bring something different to the table.