Saturday, July 13, 2013

Remember how we moved to San Diego

It happened rather suddenly.

There I was, with a 3 1/2 month old baby, stewing in my own anxiety over how I was going to put my husband through law school without having to be away from the squishy little fluid factory that had become the center of my universe.

Knowing that the best cure for anxiety is action, I did what any sane person would do... I started applying for jobs on Craigslist... Yes, really.

You see, I know of exactly 4 women who have had children and put their husbands through grad school without the use of childcare. They have various skill sets, which don't really match with mine. But they proved that it can be done, therefore I set about making it happen.

Craigslist may be man's most useful invention. It clearly has fire and the wheel beat by a landslide, although in my opinion it's neck and neck with Diet Dr Pepper.

I applied on Friday, I got a call on Monday, I interviewed on Wednesday and they asked if I could start immediately. I said, "Cam you give me a week?" 

So in a flurry of boxes and newspaper we moved to San Diego on one week's notice, 3 months earlier than we were planning to. 

That was just over a month ago and I still don't think I've caught my breath. I'm really done moving for awhile. Really really.

But now we live in San Diego with a pretty sweet gig and four or five times a week we eat our meals on the beach.

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