Saturday, January 19, 2013

Any baby news yet?

So, briefly, here's how this week went:

Monday: Got a call from hospital asking if we could come in a day early for the induction. Scrambled around frantically packing the bag, etc... then sat waiting for 6 hours before they call to say, just kidding, maybe tomorrow. Didn't sleep that night.

Tuesday: Tried to stay busy, called at 6pm to confirm 7pm induction, was told they may or may not have space available and to please wait on pins and needles by the phone for the next three hours. 9 pm, phone rang, told to come in at 9:30. Admitted to hospital, poked, prodded, bled, monitored and given first type of labor-inducing medication at 11pm. Dilated to a 1. Didn't sleep that night.

Wednesday: 11 am, no contractions, no further dilation, started on second type of labor-inducing medication. Still being poked, prodded and bled every 2-4 hours. Still have eaten nothing but ice chips since the night before. 4 pm, no contractions, no further dilation. Allowed to eat something other than ice chips before I start gnawing on my own hand. 5 pm, started third and most powerful labor-inducing medication. 6 hours later, 11 pm, no contractions, no further dilation. 24 hours in the hospital on three different meds and my body has not responded to anything. Husband and I are both bleary eyed and decide to walk away before the point-of-no-return and an unnecessary c-section. 12 am, released from hospital. Finally slept, sort of.

Thursday: 8 am, 2 1/2 hours at regular OB office. Non-stress test, ultra-sound, more poking, prodding, etc. Baby's vitals look really good and doctor grants him one week to come out on his own before he is taken by force. All I want is to eat a burrito and go back to bed. So I did.

Friday: Slept. Woke up and decided that babies are never born, and I'll just be pregnant forever. Went back to sleep.

Saturday: And here we are! Now that I have some portion of my rational functionality restored I'm going to do some laundry and re-pack the hospital bag... Just in case I'm wrong about that "babies are never born" thing.

So unless spontaneous labor occurs... Monday is another ultra-sound, Wednesday is another OB visit, Thursday night is another induction. And in the meantime, I'll be storing up on sleep and burritos.


  1. I feel for you. My baby late (four days now), and two friends who were due after me have already had their babies and posted the pictures online. It has sent me into an funk. I'm so sorry about your hospital experiences - I can't imagine how frustrating that is. Best of luck!

  2. I hope you can just go into labor on your own. I can only guess that your little man is very busy in heaven and is not ready to come down yet!

  3. Hang in there lady, he'll let you know when he's ready to be here. He knows way better than those doctors. But the waiting is agonizing! And when you go into labor be sure to eat a burrito on the way to the hospital! :)

  4. OH hang in there Sara! My babies are consistently late Aeiva was due the first week of feb and was born over pres day weekend and sofia was a week or so late also, just know, he will get here! You've got this girl! :)

  5. Rachael was born on January 23. It was also Reagan's inauguration. Since Obama's inauguration comes two days before the 23rd, maybe that would be okay, but I am still rooting for the 23rd. Hang on there. I remember at the height of that first labor thinking, No! I changed my mind! Whose idea was this?

  6. You'll get there! I know how frustrating the waiting game can be. Then again, it's been a while since this post. Can't wait to hear an update :)