Friday, September 21, 2012

Shopping without the shopping...

I still haven't bought a single thing for this baby, partly because I don't know what to buy, and partly because we will be moving before he is born. Once we found out he's a boy, I wanted to start getting stuff, but every time I walked into a baby store I was baffled and overwhelmed, so I left empty handed.

Enter my perfect solution: Baby Registry! I signed up on because it allows me to add stuff from anywhere, and I even have an app on my phone that I can use to scan bar codes if I see something in a store to add.

So in an effort to make some effort to prepare for the little dude, I started adding the most random things to the registry. I started with the familiar, some of my favorite children's books from Barnes & Noble. Then I took Ian on a "date" to Babies'R'Us where we scanned any little boys clothes we liked that didn't have silly sayings on them like "Mommy's little rock star." Since then I have ventured into the blogging world looking for suggestions and added a few more odds and ends.

The farther afield I go, however, the more foreign the language and the terrain becomes. What, for example, is a wubbanub? I go on to these sites and read through these baby registry lists and I feel like I'm trying to decipher Swahili. Not to mention all the bossing around and guilt tripping.... Baby wants this, and baby will sleep better if you buy this, and you will pretty much fail as a mother without this. Are you kidding me? Who can make sense of this barrage of information?

 My list is still woefully haphazard and incomplete, I'm sure, but registering makes me feel like I'm doing something to get ready, sort of.


  1. I had every baby thing in existence for Max and by the time I had my fourth, I was like, "We need a crib and some onesies and we're good."
    I am sure you will be fine!

  2. Bear- you may remember my friend Maggie, with whom I went to lawschool. She and her husband now have baby #2 (Eleanor and George) and she's a fantastic blogger. I HIGHLY recommend this post:

    It's an essentials guide for baby. It may work for you and Ian or it may not, but that's really the most help I can be. Hope it helps!