Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Cooperative Paradigm

This article is an in-depth and interesting examination of the role of women in the LDS church. I'm putting it up here on my blog because I want to have access to it in the future, and because I think it is a worthwhile read for men and women who engage in Church service.

As a woman in the church I have always felt that my worth and value were professed emphatically. The doctrine has never portrayed women in an inferior capacity. I also believe that there is room for improvement in the way that this translates into leadership and administration. The cooperative paradigm described in the article is an approach that respects church structure and revealed truths while opening the right doors for moderate change.

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  1. It was long, but I read it and I liked it. I am going to start calling our Primary president "President". I especially liked some of the ideas to get Young Women more involved. Our church has strong tradition that is not necessarily reflective of the Gospel like the author pointed out. Thanks very much for sharing.