Monday, December 5, 2011

Top 100 Baby Names from 2011

Are any of your favorites on there?

My favorite girl name (Ella) made #14 and my favorite boy name (Jackson) made #2... Is it silly that I want to avoid the top 10? It's ok though, because Jackson was eliminated from our potential pool of names for practical reasons. Naming a kid Jack Frost is just asking for trouble. Both of my second choices can be found towards the bottom: Eva & Asher.

The list also gave me some good ideas though: Brooklyn, Peyton and Harper for girls (my parents will hate these, but hey, its my turn to pick) and Liam, Luke, Levi for boys. Hmm. I didn't realize I had such a thing for L's.

Ok, one more thing... And I'd really like some feedback on this, so please feel free to weigh in....

I really like the name Bennett for a girl, but 90% of the people I tell this too say that they think Bennett is too much of a boys name. (And I'm like, have you read Pride and Prejudice?).

But seriously, what do you think? This discussion may determine the name of my future un-conceived child.

ps. I love this Blind Date Test for feeling out names.
pps. If you're not sure what names you like these would be a great place to start! (Plus they'd make great gifts for new parents, don't you think?


  1. until I read the last line, I thought this was your way of telling us that you're preggers! Move to UT, check. Get Preggers, check! LOL!

  2. Ha! I guess it did come across that way... Nope not preggers. By the time I actually AM, (maybe next year?) I probably won't be able to announce it in some cute, thoughtful way... I'll just throw it right out there. ;)

  3. It's so funny- I have two boys named Bennett and Liam. Good taste, girl! I, obviously, think Bennett to be a boy name, but a good friend of mine just named her girl Bennett. It's all the rage. There are no gender rules these days it seems, at least for girls names.

  4. I would think of Bennett as a boys name, but we have all sorts of friends and family who have chosen what we thought to be unusual names and they usually end up fitting the little person pretty well. Almost every time I decide on a name it turns out to be someone's dogs name. Oh well! It's a tough job, so good luck!

  5. I think Bennett could work as a girls name... although I'm not sure about the nickname Ben. I like the name Eva, but just fyi, I've always thought about naming a girl Ada after Grandpa Frost's mom. I love L names for boys!!!!

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