Monday, February 28, 2011

Rise and Shout!

On Saturday we learned that Husband has been accepted to BYU!

He'll be finishing his bachelor's in English and then going to Law School. He has worked hard and I couldn't be more thrilled or proud of him.

Provo here we come!

Speaking of Provo... Any recommendations on where to live?


  1. Congrats! Kevin graduated in English and went to law school at BYU, too. Ah, the memories of that time are fond and fabulous. Good luck to both you! Law school is no walk in the park for student OR spouse!

  2. somewhere close to springville...or over in that direction...still in provo anyway. but by pioneer apartments or something. it's much more quiet and the people in the wards are a little older. i think you'd like it better. more people in grad school etc.

  3. YAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!! So happy for the hubby and for you both as this exciting adventure begins. I hope the fresh scene and time to build your own family not too far away from your bigger family as a whole. (I mean "your own family" as the two of you, not dropping hints... though if you want a hint, I can hint!) I actually have a better chance of seeing you in UT than in CA I think so move on over there, by all means!! :) Love you!!

  4. yeah!!!! major, major congrats!!! so you'll be here in the fall? i'd love to see you! and yeah, i agree with the post above, south provo (old state street, and south) to live. but congrats again, and look forward to seeing you!