Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Yellow and Roses, but not yellow roses

I have not yet mentioned on this blog my recent obsessions with rosettes or yellow, but this freakin' awesome shrug by Bonzie is a fabulous reason to break that silence:

So... I just wear this to work? Or do I need to throw a party so I can create an outfit to go with this? And yes, I would do that... In fact, I have.

It's the same principle that applies to fabulous shoes... When you see some outrageously adorable, but slightly off the wall shoes at some store, you get the shoes and then build the outfit around it, you don't stand there wondering what you have already that will go with it. Similarly, if you find something fabulous to wear, but don't have anywhere to where it to... you get it and then create an occasion to wear it.

Looks like I have a party to plan.

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